Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Sail @ Marina Bay: a view from my unit*

The tallest residential building in Singapore, The Sail @ Marina Bay, is definitely the paramount of urban living in the "little red dot". Topping a height of 245m with 70 storeys for the Marina Bay Tower and 63 for the Central Park Tower, The Sail made its mark in the Top 10 tallest residential building in the world. Its location in the 'heart' of the city with the Central Business District, Marina Bay precint and Sands Resort at its doorstep; it is no doubt that The Sail @ Marina Bay commands one of the highest price for a condominium in Singapore. It is also no wonder that tycoons from around the globe have invested in at least one unit.

Who doesn't want to stay in The Sail @ Marina Bay?
Imagine the City at your doorstep, the Sands Resort within footsteps.

Join me as I take you up on The Sail @ Marina Bay and show you the view from one of the mid-levels unit in the Marina Bay Tower.
* Shots from my unit in The Sail @ Marina Bay on 3rd of June 2009

Despite The Sail @ Marina Bay already being in occupancy, with the massive constructions projects surrounding it, the view is not really a spectacle. But of course, with all praises to our country's effort to push for the completion of all the major projects within the Marina Bay precint by 2010, it is not far before the proud owners of The Sail @ Marina Bay get what they had paid for!

* intended to be a joke! I do not stay in The Sail @ Marina Bay. :p


Jinghui said...

Hi William

Nice photos of The Sail !

Great blog & nice knowing you at The Sail !

Take more photos & share !!




Hi Jinghui!
I could not recognize you there!
You should have introduced yourself as Jinghui and that could have rang a bell. I remember your name because you are frequently on mybloglog's list and subscription.

Nice to have finally put a face and voice to that small picture. :)

Will try to get more pictures up, though lately has been busy with renovations :p



ber said...

so rich... going into properties... haha