Sunday, April 26, 2009

TEKA WHS Sale Hoots: Shower Set

"WHS Hoots" has taken a new turn for me. I am now into hooting branded household items at WHS. How about a German branded basic shower set? TEKA Küchentechnik shower sets like this should cost more than S$100. I scored this at no more S$63! Of course you can settle for much cheaper replicas in the sanitary ware market, but heck, I am brand conscious!

Polar shower bar with adjustable shower grip and soap tray. Cost me only S$20.

Flex shower hose cost me only S$15. Though I find that later that it ain't necessary to buy a branded shower hose, but heck, its comes in a TEKA branded box!

TEKA Stylo 3 is really "Stylo-milo" with a solid construction and 3 different spray modes. What!? S$28 only!!!

From the friendly staff at TEKA, I was informed that they have regular sales on the popular German branded cooker hobs, hoods and sinks etc. But these sales at their retail showroom are not as fantastic as their WHS that takes place only once every four years! If only I was earlier, I could have scored a high end TEKA-cooker tempered-glass hob at a ridiculously low price. Mind you, their basic cooker hobs can easily cost S$700!


Laurens said...

moi rike the Stylo spray head....LOL
nvr hoot rainshower?(if u using storage heater)

ber said...

nice... branded shower set...

never post updates on ur door opening ceremeony and reno progress?? haha