Wednesday, April 01, 2009

NOKIA E71 - Connected Freedom

S$0 (SunSaver Plus Plan+TAKE3 Plan with M1)

U.P.: S$398 (SunSaver Plus Plan with M1)

Recently, we decided to get the NOKIA E71 mobile phone for my wife. Getting this phone was made tempting with MobileOne (M1) recent TAKE3
plan. With this new plan, consumers do not have to pay a single cent* to bring home a spanking new mobile phone. The catch is that the phone belongs to M1 and is loaned to the consumer. The phone must be returned to M1 at the end of the 20-month contract term, upon which you get to pick another newer spanking new phone for free* upon another contract extension. Sounds like a good deal? It is! Basically saves the hassle of trading-in at the streets.
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NOKIA E71 - Connected freedom

The NOKIA E-series mobile phones are targeted at the executives who want power and play. The NOKIA E71 is one sleek looking monoblock 3.5G mobile smartphone with WLAN capabilities. The E71 operating on Symbian 60 provides NOKIA users with the familiar interface and functions. The unique feature of the E71 is the QWERTY full keyboard that makes text and emailing a breeze. Equipped with a basic 3.2MP camera and LED flash light, a snapshot anywhere is a convenience. Together with the front camera, the E71 makes video conference call easy. Enjoy entertainment on-the-go with the built-in media player or Real Player, through the 2.5mm headphone jack. The capability to swtich between two home screens allows users to customize two completely different usage environment. Surfing the web on-the-go is easier with the WLAN connectivity and wireless data transfer is possible via IR or Bluetooth. Encased in a cool solid stainless steel frame, the E71 completes the whole executive look.

Up Close
Take a closer look at E71. From left to right, top down:
A full QWERTY keyboard with 4-directional navigation pad and shortcut buttons. The buttons are easy to feel, locate and depress. Earpiece. Volume control buttons. 2.5mm headphone jack and power button. Speaker. IR port, Memory card and USB port covers. 3.2MP camera with LED light and mirror. Stainless steel back piece reveals the battery and SIM compartment. NOKIA lanyard.

Size Comparison
The sleek and small built makes my LG KS20 shy in comparison. It is even slimmer than my wallet. It is about the thickness of around 9 cards.

In the Hands
The executive look is made complete with the Black Steel color. The feel of the E71 in the hands is fantastic. It is like holding a gold bar in the hands except the weight.

The NOKIA E71 S60 interface makes it easy for any seasoned NOKIA users to swtich to E71.

For complete specifications of the NOKIA E71 please visit:

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