Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome to 2009!!

"a day in the life of a bearbrick" welcomes you to 2009
and wishes all family, friends and readers 
a very Happy New Year!
Despite the impact of the gloomy times in late 2008,
keep your spirits up and look forward to facing upcoming challenges in 2009.
Only through trying times, we will grow to become better and tougher.
Last but not least, love your family and friends,
for Love will always stand the test of hardship.
May your life be as fulfilling as always, smooth-sailing and blessed with good health!

Here are two shots of the fireworks display as viewed from Labrador Park.
I have not brought along my equipments but only my reliable Panasonic Lumix-LX3.

Photography by William Tan
©William Tan 2009

Shot exclusively without tripod from the legendary Panasonic Lumix-LX3.

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