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TAMRON B003NII AF 18-270mm VC: Showing the Capabilities of VC

TAMRON B003NII AF 18-270mm VC
Showing the Capabilities of VC
An integral part of making the world's longest superzoom lens, TAMRON B003 AF 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC Aspherical [IF] MACRO lens, a success, is the "VC" (Vibration Compensation) that stabilizes the shot at its longest focal length and extremely slow shutter speed. The highly efficient VC must be put to real shooting tests. Hence, I went light-weight and took only the D200 and TAMRON B003 out on an evening. Without a tripod and strictly handheld with VC activated, I managed to achieve impressively steady and sharp images at night, even at 1/5s!


18mm or 270mm? Flexibility limitless!

With little light on an overcast evening, bumping the ISO to 400 allowed me to work across the entire 15x zoom range and constantly stopping down to f/8 to get sharp images. The TAMRON B003 handled wide angles and telephoto shots steadily. A simple panning shot is not difficult with this lens.

Into the Evening & Night
While natural light falls and artificial light starts to illuminate the city, the VC mechanism of the TAMRON B003 starts to show off its ability to work across all focal lengths at very low shutter speeds! With shutter speeds dipping to around 1/5s, tourists and casual photographers started setting up the tripods to capture the city lights over a completely dark sky, I continued to shoot with the TAMRON B003 handheld and aquired steady, sharp shots; attributed to the highly competent VC.


I definitely doubted that I was be able to shoot with a 15x zoom lens and obtain a steady and sharp shot at shutter speeds as low as 1/5s. I would had to rely on my legendary Panasonic LUMIX-LX3 and restricted to its meagre 2.5x zoom. But thanks to the highly competent Vibration Compensation mechanism built into the TAMRON AF 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC Aspherical [IF] MACRO lens, shooting handheld at night is a definite reality!

This series is shot with the TAMRON B003 equipped with its reputable VC!

Photography & Editing by William Tan
All Rights Reserved
©William Tan 2009

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