Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Gift Exchange with Laurens bro

Christmas Gifts from Laurens bro
Laurens bro has always been a great family friend of mine.
When my folks see him, they know he is the 'boy' who surprise visits me
and gets involved in most of the things I do.
Laurens bro has also became a good friend of my wife.
My wife would frequently tease him, vice versa, like I do.
This 16-years old friendship/brotherhood stood the test of time and will go on for a long time!
Sure it does not take great expenses to make simple thoughtful gifts.
PiccoZ Insecta R/C helicopter for me who have told him about this fabulous deal.
Though I half expected that when I said I was too 'broke' to get it,
but I did really like the gift.
He got my wife a gigantic box of Toblerone, knowing that she is a choc-lover.
PiccoZ INSECTA R/C helicopter by SilverLit

Christmas Gift for Laurens
In return, we gave Laurens bro and girlfriend Adele presents as well. While Adele got a pair of CJ7 bedroom slippers, Laurens gets a camouflaged-printed mouse with a retractable usb port that is easy for him to carry around with his EeePC. The print is supposed to match his white EeePC that can get dirty easily when he is at site. LOL

Today is Christmas Eve. Laurens bro, I wish you and Adele a merry Merry Christmas!


Laurens said...

NB,y u nvr sexpose ur own faces?


y shd i sexpose myself? LOL
but its ok for u to sexpose urself mah... since ur edmw stalkers will not follow u to my blog.