Monday, November 10, 2008

Afternoon Tea @ The Atrium

My wife gave me a pleasant surprise last Sunday. She had asked me to make myself available from 3 to 5pm on that day as she wanted to bring me somewhere. She had refused to leak any details to me this time since more than often I could read her mind. After leading me along an abnormal trial to the destination, I realised that she had brought me to Pan Pacific Hotel. I immediately knew I had hit the jackpot with one of my guesses, an afternoon tea!

She had brought me to the Classic Enlish Afternoon Tea at The Atrium, Pan Pacific Hotel. It was indeed a surprise since she knew that I was never a fan of afternoon or high-tea sessions. Furthermore, I do not have a sweet-tooth for the sweets. Nevertheless, it was my first time having afternoon tea instead of sipping coffee at a cafe. Since my wife managed to get a coupon for a '1-for-1' from a magazine that frequently gives out such deals, this afternoon tea was actually not expensive. The usual price is around S$27++ pax, but we paid the same price for two.

A portion that serves two, comes along with a selection of English, herbal and infusion teas as well as coffee to choose from.

The top tier are the sweets: Chocolate Opera Cake, Cheesecake, Petit Apple Crumble and Petit Strawberry Tart.
The bottom tier are the savoury: Plain Scone, Raisin Scone, Smoked Salmon on Rye Bread, Roasted Beef with Mustard and Cress, Creamed Egg with Mayonnaise, Honey Baked Ham & Cheese.

A platter of marmalade, strawberry jam, cream cheese and whipped cream to go with the scones.

Bon Appétit

The serving of food is only one round but the beverages are free-flow. Though the selection may shy compared to high-tea buffets at other hotel cafeterias, the deceivingly small portion can be rather filling. The quality and taste of the sweets and savoury were not bad as well and could have been better if they were fresher! The '1-for-1' coupon made this afternoon tea made the sweet treats sweeter. But enjoying a 'surprise' afternoon tea with my wife is the sweetest!
Thanks Fio!

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ber said...

looks good. pity that the food only serve one round. wish got more selections...

hey which magazine got lots of offers?

share leh... haha


that u have to ask Fio,
she is the one who gets all these lobangs.

Laurens said...

no buffet no talk!!! LOL


buffet wait become 肥肥!!

Zhou Wenhan said...

…submitted as a 4 star review on the-atrium-pan-pacific

ber said...

since when did u join this type of food review sites???


i didnt join. it tagged me! anyway no harm having more tags.