Friday, October 03, 2008

Gifts Exchange on WiFi's 28th Birthdays

a birthday gift exchange
recently celebrated their 28th birthdays and decided to pamper each other with some gifts that they really needed. It is a gift exchange of one gift for two. Might not seem a fair exchange in anyways, but gifts are never to be judged by value. It is what makes the recipients happy. After all these are really useful gifts!
I am really delighted to capture these moments of WiFi and share their special day here.

どーもくん Domo
Domo is a strange monster born from an egg. Despite its ferocious appearance, Domo is actually a friendly character who is known to fart repeatedly when it gets upset or nervous.

So how is Domo being useful? It scares away stray dogs and possibly attract girls! Wahahaha!

Braun Buffel Wallet

This Braun Buffel wallet is actually smaller than the normal wallet size. It is just slightly taller than a card holder. This unique size is chosen as it fits into a cardholder pocket. The design on the wallet is a big Braun Buffel iconic buffalo embossed into the black leather. Inside this gift, there is a token of ten S$50 notes which
puzzles the recipient by its significance.

GUCCI Borsa Abbey
A rather inexpensive GUCCI Borsa Abbey makes a perfect bag for everyday use. The Borsa Abbey is made with strong canvas that can last a decade, and in the trademark Original 'GG' Colour that is timeless. Every lady deserves an authentic GUCCI bag.


Anonymous said...

Very wishes to you bro and wife.

Laurens said...


ur bb wallet looks sorta like mine


Laurens said...

ur bb wallet looks sorta like mine

trust it doesn't. i dun like fake hairy wallets.