Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flash Sync Terminal cover replacement for Nikon D200

Last weekend, during one of my photo shoot outing, I realized that I have lost the Flash Sync Terminal cover for my Nikon D200 body. The Flash Sync Terminal is for synchronizing non-"SB" Speedlights to the camera via a sync cable. However, since I have been using an SB-600 Speedlight, I do not need to use the Flash Sync Terminal at all. Furthermore, the terminal cover is secured to the terminal via screw threads, hence there is no way this could have came loose and gotten misplaced. Nevertheless, unimaginable things can still happen to the most careful and meticulous person. I love my Nikon D200 too much to see it 'naked' and have a fetish for maintaining my equipment in its mint, pristine appearance. Thus, I had to find a replacement for the Flash Sync Terminal cover.
I 'googled' for replacements and came up with websites that stock Nikon replacement parts (both original and after market), but they are all located in United States. I knew it was not going to easy to find since, this part does not have part number unlike the BS-1 Flash Hotshoe cover. Furthermore, this part is no longer in use in newer models Nikon DSLR. Though I have no qualms about getting one online, but a replacement will cost me $5 USD and with shipping that is gonna cost me more than S$10. I then contacted Nikon Service Center (NSC) Singapore to enquire on a replacement. While awaiting reply from NSC, a few fellow Nikon users from forums suggested that I get it from a camera retailer in town; they stock and sell after-market replacements and will only cost me S$8, rather getting one from NSC which will cost me S$10. I decided to wait for NSC to give me a reply. I was delighted that NSC can provide me an original replacement at only S$5 (excl. GST)! NSC also reassured me that Nikon will continue to manufacture and provide replacement parts for discontinued models for 20 years.
That is what I call service! That is why I choose Nikon!
The Flash Sync Terminal cover is a small plastic cover that screws into terminal with 2 full turns.
I still cannot believe it came loose from just normal handling!

Sync Flash Terminal Replacement

S$5.35 (incl. GST)
available from Nikon Service Center

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