Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lowepro REZO 190AW Camera Sling Bag (34% OFF!)

Lowepro REZO 190AW
Price: S$48 (34% OFF)
U.P.: S$73
Lowepro REZO 190AW is designed to accommodate a digital SLR camera with mid-range zoom lens, 3-5 extra lenses and accessories. The interior dimensions measures 28.5 X 16.5 X 18.5 cm, while the exterior dimension measures 31 X 23 X 22.5 cm. The REZO 190AW is made from water-resistant micro fiber, ripstop nylon and 600D TXP™, which makes the bag light yet providing superior protection. The features of the REZO 190AW includes: reverse-open lid, built-in memory card compartments, adjustable padded dividers, accessory pouch, comfortable anti-slip sling strap, built-in micro-fiber LCD screen protector, All Weather (AW) Cover™ and a SlipLock™ attachment tab for additional accessories.


The front flap opens up to reveal the front compartments for small items.

The built-in memory card compartment can hold up to four Compact Flash memory cards. This main interior compartment is accessed from the reverse-open lid; this allows very quick access.

Included in the bag are the adjustable shoulder sling and accessory pouch. These items are tagged to the bag, to prevent petty thefts in shops.
The core compartment can be designed to fit your configuration. This is possible since the padded dividers are secured to the interior of the bag via Velcro.
The netting on the left stashes the micro-fiber LCD sreen protector when not in use. The micro-fiber LCD protector is secured to the bag and cannot be removed. Note that this micro-fiber material is not intended for cleaning lenses.

Each individual divder has two ends with Velcro while the main divider is padded with a strong material to withstand the weight of the digital SLR.
The accessory pouch is useful for storing spare cells.

Since this is the Nikon version of REZO 190AW, the adjustable shoulder padding has "Nikon" printed on. The metal clips on the ends of the adjustable sling are meant to be secured to the metal D-rings on the sides of the bag. The underside of the shoulder padding is ribbed to prevent slip.

Real-Life Test Fit

My current configuration includes my Nikon D200 with Tamron A16 mounted, SB-600 speedlight and Nikon 50mm f/2.8. On top of that, I will never leave home without a compact camera, hence either one of my compact cameras is in as well. Other accessories in the main compartment are: PL-C filter, IR filter, spare EN-EL3, one set of four 'AA' batteries.
I have re-designed the layout of the dividers to suit my D200, which is slightly bigger than the entry-level digital SLR. The micro-fiber screen protector can be drawn to cover the whole compartment.

There is seriously still plenty of plenty of room. With some reshuffling, I can probably still pack in a tripod ballhead. It is amazing how this Pandora's box fits almost everything!

All-Weather (AW) Cover™

The tab illustration suggests "No matter sun, rain or wind"!

The rain cover which is attached to the inside of the front compartment flap and cleverly stashed away when not in use. The rain cover can be pulled out from the bottom and slipped over the bag to shield it from the effects of weather. The Lowepro trademark "AW Cover™" is definitely a thumbs-up design and a necessity for the adventurous photographer.


S$48 for a brand new Lowepro REZO 190AW?
What a steal!

The Lowepro REZO 190AW is not an aesthetically pleasing sling bag, however, it serves its purpose of carrying most of your equipments and giving the all-weather protection. The REZO 190AW is another ingeniously-designed quality product from Lowepro.
Why the Nikon print?
The Nikon digital SLR owners of the latest models such as D60, would probably have received this bag as a free gift. Nikon has actually decided not to brand and give OEM bags as starter kits, but decided to make use the readily available quality products from Lowepro. Who knows camera bags better than Lowepro, the professionals? I believe that these REZO 190AW are probably intended as starter kit free gift, but there are probably surplus for retail. Since I never buy my gear from retail, this Lowepro "Nikon" REZO 190AW bag is a perfect bag to replace my aging OEM Nikon journalist bag.
This bag is available from Cathay Photo at S$73 (as of April 2008), or 2nd-hands at S$40-60 (depending on condition). I say go for the new piece from MAX Photo (AMK Hub) at S$48! Definitely worth it!
Strongly recommended for anyone in need of a decent bag at a superb price!

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