Sunday, September 28, 2008

EATZ: Tung Lok Signatures 同樂經典

"Tung Lok Signatures (同樂經典)" is one of many reputable restaurants under the Tung Lok Group of restaurants. "Tung Lok Signatures" features a comprehensive selection of dishes from Tung Lok Group restaurants such as "Lao Beijing", "LingZhi Vegetarian", "Zhou's Kitchen", "Club Chinois" and "Garuda Padang". Diners can now get all the best under one roof.

It was wife's birthday last week and we decided to treat ourselves to something good. We picked "Tung Lok Signatures" at VivoCity.

BBQ Peking Duck (Half)
北京片皮鴨 (半只)
Sweet and crispy duck skin wrapped in a steamed pancake served with spring onions and sweet Hoisin sauce.

Duck Cutlet (Half)
The remaining duck meat from the BBQ Peking Duck is not wasted and is re-prepared and served with a sweet citrus sauce and served. Alternatively, the duck meat can be served in the form of fried rice (at a charge).

Signature Daily Boil
The daily boil was a stew of pumpkin and almond nuts. The thick and flavorful soup is separated from the tender, juicy pork when served.

Broccoli Sesonal Vegetable with Fish Maw

The pick of seasonal vegetable, Broccoli, prepared with fish maw in an egg gravy.

Signature Fried Chilli Crab

A gigantic crab cooked in a very authentic Singapore-style Chilli Crab.

美食當前, 無法抗拒! Generally, the dishes are very well-prepared and definitely stands at a notch above average restaurants, in terms of taste. The portions are definitely worth the price that you are paying, when you are also paying for excellent service and great ambiance. The BBQ Peking Duck is a rather common dish in most Chinese restaurants, but doing this dish right means barbecuing the duck well. "Tung Lok Signatures" definitely ensures that the tastiest and crispiest duck skin is served. This is the first time that I am having such a pumpkin stew and it definitely kept me craving for another bowl. Though hardly anyone will have the pork meat used to flavor the stew, but I adored the texture on the tender meat along with the soft cartilage. The essence of the stew has already infused into the meat. The Signature Chilli Crab is definitely two-thumbs up and they have used the freshest and best crabs to prepare their Chilli Crab. The crab meat comes of from the shell in chunks and does not stick to the shell. The crab I had was one of the biggest Sri Lanka crab that I have ever had! The crunchy chunks of broccoli is a nice addition of roughage into this meal.
Overall, good food, great ambiance, excellent service, worth the price!

Tung Lok Signatures

1 Harbour Front Walk
VivoCity #01-57
Tel: 65 63769555

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Laurens said...

happi bday to fiona :)

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another excellent food review from a fusion restaurant!!! haha... u seems to have so many reasons for good food. and where's the pics for the pressies???


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