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Friday, August 15, 2008

Goodwood Park Hotel Snowskin Mooncakes

It is the time of the year again, when retailers in hotel cafeterias and confectioneries alike start selling mooncakes. Mooncakes comes in two types: Baked and Snowskin (chilled); they are usually taken during the Lunar 'Mid-Autumn Festival' (中秋节, aka 'Harvest Festival', 'Mooncake Festival' or 'Lantern Festival'). During this festival, Chinese will eat mooncakes under the moon, place pomelo rinds on one's head and carry lit decorated Chinese lanterns. Though 'Mid Autumn Festival' is one month away, the retailers are not missing any chance to peddle their mooncakes with early bird promotional discounts. Retailers are also constantly coming up with new ideas to bake their traditional mooncakes as well as injecting new ideas and flavours into making the snowskin mooncakes. These delectables holds a position so close to every Chinese hearts, they will definitely make excellent gifts for family members and friends.
This season, my wife and myself veered away from the Western-style Snowskin mooncakes such as our favourite one with champagne truffles with ganache, and opted for more Oriental-local-style flavours. We decided to visit Goodwood Park Hotel, which is famous for their D24 durian puffs, and get their D24 Durian Paste Snowskin Mooncakes. During this season, Goodwood Park Hotel has three of the all-time favourites: Yam Paste with Red Dates in Snowskin (Back by Popular Demand), D24 Durian Paste in Snowskin (Signature), Cempedak Paste in Snowskin (Signature); they also came up with a unique and new 2008 flavour: Mango with Pomelo in Snowskin. The sizes of the mooncakes are regular full-sized and packing sizes come in 2 or 4 pieces per box. For every 4pcs/box purchases, a rectangular chiller bag is given free. Prices and order list available here. We had to get our gifts early to enjoy the Early Bird credit card offer of 20% discount.

Such Delightful Indulgence!

"Enveloped in each piece of the new snowskin mooncake is the smooth and luscious mango puree with refreshing mango cubes and just the right amount of juicy pomelo sacs for the perfect contrast of sweet, sour and bitter tastes."
Quoted from Goodwood Park website


Yam Paste with Red Date Paste in Snowskin

Cempedak Paste in Snowskin

Photography and Editing by William Tan
©William Tan 2008


Anonymous said...

The mooncakes look yummy!!! Great choice!


they are the Best fruit mooncakes in Singapore!