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Revoltech No.007 King Gainer's OVERMAN [REHASHED]

King Gainer
UPDATED: 4th August 2007
FIRST POST: 17th August 2006
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In Overman King Gainer, after an environmental cataclysm, much of the world's population retreated into domed cities called Domepoli, which are run by an organization known as "London IMA" (International Management Authority) and its police arm, "Saint Reagan". However, the Domepoli are maintained and supplied by privatized firms such as the "Siberian Railroad company".
"Exodus", a group that wishes to break away from the control of the railroad companies and the London IMA, is seeking the vaunted land of Yapan. As the story begins, championship video game player Gainer Sanga is arrested by Siberia Railroad policewoman Adette Kisler on suspicion of being an Exodus member. Ironically he isn't, but his friends Sara Kodoma and Bero Korissh along with his schoolteacher Mamato Azav are members of the Gauri team, a local Exodus group. At the same time, Exodus mercenary Gain Bijou lets himself be arrested by the Siberia Railroad police.
In the same prison cell, Gain Bijou and Gainer escape and infiltrate the castle of Duke Medaiyu and steal an "Overman", a biomechnical giant robot, which Gainer logs into as his videogame handle: "King Gainer". As Gainer gets the hang of piloting a real Overman, he and Gain encounter shut-in Princess Anna, the Duke's daughter, who wants to see world and other people than her tutor, Rubov Smettana. Using an annual festival presented by idol singer and co-Exodus leader, Miya Raujin, as cover, the Exodus executes their plan: take much of the Domepolis, block by block, using heavy hauler machines called Silhouette Mammoths and move them over 3000km across the Siberian tundra to Yapan. As the Exodus moves out, the Siberia Railroad police chief, Yassaba Ginn, begins to mobilize his forces to stop them. Other obstacles to the Exodus are Kisler's and Jinn's subordinates Javoli Mariera, Kejinan Daddo, and Inge Gam, Siberian Railroad president Kidz Munto, Saint Reagan policemen Artham Boone and Zakki Bronco, and Overman aces Cynthia Rein and Kashimar Burleigh.
(Story extracted from Wikipedia)

17th August 2007

King Gainer's OVERMAN
Revoltech Series No.007

This is a re-post of an earlier gallery from playroom on August 17th 2006. I actually bought this last year and was my first Revoltech figurine. Since the closure of playroom, decide to repost the pictures here.

Please Read: I am currently facing issues with fotopic. They have decided to suspend me due to breach of TOS. I regret to say that playroom has since been removed. Hence, I shall be hosting the images on my blog and as well here on 'a yellow POST IT' note. I hope to still continue to have your support. I am looking at migrating to Blogger as the new playroom, meanwhile please continue to watch this space for updates.

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This PVC model from the Revoltech series by Kaiyodo, features very good articulation. It utilizes a gear-lock ball-and-stick joint mechanism. The ball is made up of 2 halves. Each half is joint to an existing stick. The 2 halves are eventually connected to each other with a gear-lock interface. The 2 halves turns about the interface and locks in position via the gear-lock mechanism. The sticks on the ball are the inserted into independent PVC parts (eg. limbs). These sticks can then be adjusted within the hole and bring around near 360 degree free articulation. Realistic articulation is brought about via the molding of the body parts. The Revoltech model can definitely take on extremely challenging poses and the fun is limitless as long as one can overcome with the balancing of the figurine. The only draw back is the lack of a good stand. The provided stand is too short.


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