Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lexar Platinum II 4GB SDHC + SDHC Card Reader: S$24.90 (S$10 OFF)

Lexar is definitely a popular choice for memory products among the photography society. Lexar™ products are used by many products and review websites to benchmark recording speeds and capacities. The Lexar™ Platinum II series of memory storage media is the mid-range class, i.e Class 2. The three classes of Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards (according to industry standards) are:
1. Class 2 minimum 2MB/s (Lexar™ regular)
2. Class 4 minimum 4MB/s (Lexar™ Platinum II)
3. Class 6 minimum 6MB/s (Lexar™ Professional)
Lexar™ Platinum II boasts a 60x speed performance with a 9MB/sec read/write speed rating. According to Lexar™ storage capacity chart, a 4GB SDHC card allows the storage of 1164 of 8MP, 887 of 10MP or 678 of 12MP photographs, or 563 minutes of MPEG4 (H.264) videos.

As of today, 5th of July 2008, the cheapest 4GB SDHC card is priced at S$25 from Sim Lim Square. When I saw this promotion for Lexar™ Platinum II 4GB SDHC with free SDHC card reader at S$24.90. I knew it was a deal not to be missed, cheaper than getting a branded card with limited warranty from reputed shop in Sim Lim Square. Nothing beats having more storage capacity by the side.

Lexar™ Platinum II 4GB SDHC
+ free Lexar™ SDHC Card Reader
Promo: S$24.90 (Usual: S$34.90)
Visit Lexar™ Platinum II SDHC Official Site

More Bangs for the Bucks than the generic DEXS SDHC Card Reader!
No wonder Laurens wanted me to score another piece for him to use as a thumbdrive substitute.
Glad to have scored the remaining pieces!


Laurens said...

can w8 to self collect


Forgot to mention that it includes free Corel Snapfire Plus SE, photo editing and management software with every purchase of the Lexar Platinum II 4GB SDHC + SDHC Card Reader.
Another free software includes image recovery/repair software.