Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hot Toys "IRON MAN"

After annoucing the release of "Batman" and "The Joker" (from the movie "The Dark Knight") in their Movie Masterpiece lineup of 1/6th action figures, Hot Toys is releasing "IRON MAN" featuring a very realistic Robert Downey Jr. headsculpt with an IRON MAN MK.III armour. The design is adapted from the movie "IRON MAN". Hot Toys IRON MAN feature 36 points of articulation with battery-operated light-up eyes and core. The armour is detailed with articulated flaps and weaponries, with an overall metallic finish. However, I find that the body armour is a tad to slender and could be better with a bit more bulk. Nevertheless, this is truely a masterpiece worth keeping!
Nope! This is not a speaking toy that you can find in department stalls!

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece

Image source: Hot Toys

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yo bro,

any idea when iron man hot toys released in spore?