Friday, July 04, 2008

EATZ: Peperoni Pizzeria

Peperoni Pizzeria

6 Greenwood Avenue, off Dunearn Road
Singapore 289197
Tel: 6465 6556

"Peperoni Pizzeria" is one of our favourite Italian restaurant that serves very good pastas and pizzas at a reasonable price. Nothing beats indulging in a humongous 21-incher crispy thin crust firewood pizza with a few friends. Not to worry, you get a choice of two different way your pizza is to be done. If it is just booze and chilling out under the moonlight in the courtyard, a whole list of German beer awaits your pick. Located away from the bustling city, "Peperoni Pizzeria" is definitely a well hidden gem of Hillcrest Park. Though getting there without driving can be rather inconvenient, but it is just a short 5-7 minutes walk from Dunearn Road which is fed by many buses serving the estate and schools such as "National Junior College" and "Hwa Chong School". "Peperoni Pizzeria" is a restaurant under the "Les Amis Group of Restaurants".

Squid Ink Pasta and Portobello Mushroom from our previous visit. We are fans of "Peperoni Pizzeria" and it is definitely a special place for both Fio and myself.

Portobello Mushroom
Our all-time-favourite starter. A huge juicy slab of portobello mushroom battered and fried to a golden crisp and topped with parmesan cheese, tender chicken and onions, drizzled with a delightful tasty sauce.

Pizza Medium: Funghi
S$17 (9-inch)
Crispy thin crust pizza base layered with mozzarella and mixed mushrooms (Porcini, Shitake and Button).

Thick slab of pasta and minced beef prepared with Béchamel and tomato sauce.

I will not even have to rank it but to give 'two thumbs up' immediately! I have never been disappointed with "Peperoni Pizzeria" and never will I be. This lovely Italian restaurant is a very special place for both Fio and myself. It is also a place where we bring and recommend good friends. A perfect place to get away from the busy city and chill out in the peaceful yet lively Hillcrest Park. There isn't much rowdy crowd and the funky bunch, and the patrons mainly expatriates. I never fail to recommend the "Portobello Mushroom" for starters, which is good for two. The juicy, tasty and fragrant portobello mushroom is done in the most perfect way for a funghi. No one has done a mushroom any better! Spectacular! If you noticed, I will always have the "Portobello Mushroom" on every visit. For those, like myself, who appreciate the original fragrance of funghi, will adore the funghi firewood-baked crispy thin crust pizza. I love the thin pasta layers of the lasagna and the generous serving of minced beef in a Béchamel and tomato sauce.
I am sure you will like "Peperoni Pizzeria" as much as we do! If you have not been there before, you are really missing out on the good stuff!

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