Sunday, June 15, 2008

Free Broadband on Mobile 1000 Upgrade

With all the three main telcos in Singapore offering mobile broadbands, many people are getting an account to surf on the go (usually on laptops) without the hassle of hunting for hotspots. The service can be used on a USB device for laptops/desktops while the SIM card can be used for HSPDA/3G/3.5G mobile phones. Most importantly, these plans are cheap and proven to be a decent fixed line broadband alternative. "Cheap" & "Mobility" are the keywords.

I happened to sign up for
Broadband on Mobile offered by Singtel which offered 512Kbps download speed at that time when M1 offered 1Mbps. As from last Tuesday (12th June 2008), Singtel upgraded all Mobile 512 subscribers (my plan) into Mobile 1000 (1Mbps) for free. I already expected that when I was signing it up. Singtel never fails to match up to any competition or else they would come under fire from subscribers.

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