Monday, June 16, 2008

EATZ: Ice Monster 冰馆 Desserts

Ice Monster 冰馆
180 Bencoolen Street
#01-23 The Bencoolen
Tel: 6339 7362
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm

"Ice Monster" has been around in Singapore for some time. Originated in Taiwan, "Ice Monster" anchored their business at "Plaza Singapura" and "The Bencoolen". This dessert joint is famous for their variations of "Mango with Shaved Ice". With a couple of friends, we decided to rest our feets and indulge in some sweet treats at "The Bencoolen" outlet.
Each of us ordered a different dessert to try it out.
Prices are above average but reasonably priced at around S$6 no more.

Mango Ice
The cheapest of the four desserts is a simple cup of shaved ice topped with mango puree and a dollop of mango sorbet ice.
Mango Ice with Durian
This is definitely a local variation to the original menu, simply because Singaporeans love durians! The durian puree is very smooth and most importantly, strong!
Strawberry Ice
Mangoes, strawberries and strawberry ice-cream, a lovely combination of colours and taste. You can even feel the granular texture of strawberry in the ice-cream.
Yam and Red Bean Milk Ice
I love red bean desserts and I love yam paste. There is no better way to have them together than having them with condensed milk on shaved ice! The ingredients are soft and very sweet, just the way I love it.

These shaved ice desserts from "Ice Monster" blend in well in our very own league of local desserts, escpecially our "ice kacang", but slightly more expensive since they are imported concepts. However, for the very generous serving of mangoes and mango puree, these desserts are actually quite worth it. I still prefer very oriental and local taste, hence my vote goes for the "Mango Ice with Durian" as well as the "Yam and Red Bean Milk Ice". One must not be greedy and should eat everything with moderation, but with these tantalising sweet treats, you can give yourself some leeway!

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