Saturday, June 28, 2008

EATZ: BEST KAYA BUN in Singapore, YY Kafei Dian

YY Kafei Dian
37 Beach Road #01-01
YY Kafei Dian is one of my favourite haunt for the arguably "BEST KAYA BUN" in Singapore. YY Kafei Dian is located at the end of Purvis Street, which is also known as Hainan Street in the past. I would call Purvis Street the "urban foodies' street". Purvis Street is lined with 4 very popular Hainese eateries: YY Kafei Dian, Chin Chin, Hainan 2nd Street and Yet Con. Apart from Hainese cuisine, Purvis Street is also the place to find good Thai, Italian and Western cuisines. Now, isn't that a "Foodie's Haven"?
This time, I shall introduce my 3rd favourite Hainanese eatery, YY Kafei Dian. YY Kafei Dian is known to serve the "BEST KAYA BUN" in Singapore. Read on to find out!

Kaya Bun
Fragrant, thick but soft and fluffy traditional buns/bread baked in the coffee shop, prepared on the spot and served when it is still hot! An attempt to unravel the secret to the great taste of the kaya bun, I discovered a slice of butter 'swimming' on the kaya layer. This is the best 'old skool style' kaya bun that our parents and grandparents will love!

Yam and Chicken Claypot
(not the real name)
Yam and chicken meat stewed in a coconut sauce in claypot. Tastes from both core ingredients are fused with the coconut milk to create a magnificent taste.

Stir-fried Kang Kong
(not the real name)
No need for elaboration, this very popular stir0fry kangkong is in the hearts of every Singaporean.

When claimed to be the "BEST KAYA BUN" in Singapore, this title will raise many eyebrows, since Kaya Bun is a common snack in Singapore and is sold in every coffee shop, prepared in every home. The winning ticket for the "BEST KAYA BUN" is to bake the FRESHEST bread/bun and serve them piping HOT! YY Kafei Dian has been doing that for years and had since gathered many foodies who visited them particularly for their Kaya buns. The minute you step into YY Kafei Dian at the right time, you will smell the fragrance of the freshly baked traditional buns lingering in the coffee shop. Like a magnet, it will 'drag' you by your nose and put you on a seat. The next thing you know is that you are sinking your teeth into the hot, soft and fluffy white bun while the melted butter and kaya oozes out. I love to put my nose on the bun and take a deep breath, heavenly! There is no better to start the day with the "BEST KAYA BUN" in Singapore and a cup of traditional coffee. Sadly, the coffee is only mediocre.
While you might not always be in the city early in the morning for breakfast, you can visit YY Kafei Dian for lunch or dinner as well. At YY Kafei Dian, there is a variety of Hainese dishes to choose from. I particularly love the "Yam & Chicken Claypot". The sweet yam is stewed till soft, along with tender chicken chunks in a coconut milk sauce. The tastes from these ingredients then fused together to create this magnificent taste that only this Hainanese dish can do it. I was rather disappointed to see small whitish bits in the coconut sauce, suggesting that they had use instant coconut milk instead of fresh coconut milk. There are better versions of this dish in more posh restaurants, but at a cheap coffeeshop price, I am very much satisfied. In the city, it is hard to find cheap food at the heartland prices, Purvis Street is where you find the cheapest food! Most importantly, having the "BEST KAYA BUN" as breakfast or as a starter before lunch or dinner is a MUST!


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