Friday, June 13, 2008

Bangkok: Shopaholiday in Thailand - Day 4

Over the past few days in Bangkok, it had been fun for us, trying to 'shop-till-we-drop'! On our last day in our 'Shopaholiday' in Bangkok, we were rather sad, after all we haven't had enough of the shopping in this shopper's haven! Nevertheless, with a flight to catch at 5p.m. and THB2,000 to spare, we never gave up on any chance to shop!

Bangkok: Shopaholiday in Thailand
Day 4 (2nd June 2008)
Snapshots & Back Home
Here are some snapshots while on my way from my hotel to The Platinum Fashion Mall for more 'hoots'!
Instead of the usual four-faced Brahma Shrine, Pratunam Center worships a different shrine.
Surprisingly not much traffic at around 11 a.m.
Of course we went back to The Platinum Fashion Mall for more hootin'! We were surprised that we managed to score quite a bit of items at there.
I had to try "Dunkin' Donuts" again. The last time I had them was during my Uni days in Melbourne. Having them now, I thought all donuts tastes 'same-same'!

By 4.30p.m., we were already at the Bangkok airport to claim our VAT (tax) returns. We got back around THB360. What better way to spend it but in the duty-free shops and food! After the check-in into the transit area of the new Bangkok airport, a grand statue of "Churning the Ocean of Milk" can be found. I first saw the "Churning the Ocean of Milk" in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Churning the Ocean of Milk
Learn more about
Churning the Ocean of Milk
Briefly, the story of this event is about
Indra, the god of weather and war, who accidentally offended a sage, Durvasa. The enraged sage cursed Indra and the Adityas (gods) to lose all their wealth. Indra then seeked helped from Brahma, who later suggested him to churn the Ocean of Milk and retrieve the Amrutha (Nectar of Immortality). However, this task was not an easy one that cannot be accomplished by the Aditayas. Hence, they sought aid from their arch-enemies, the Asuras (demons), in agreement to share the Amrutha. The Ocean was churned by using the Mount Mandara or 'world mountain' as the pole and the Cosmic Serpent or 'king of nagas', Vasuki, as the rope which was wrapped around the mountain. The Asuras led by Ravana (depicted by its multiple heads and arms) held the head of Vasuki, while the Devas (gods), led by Hanuman held the tail end and pulled on it alternately, causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn would caused the Ocean to be churned. The churning was supervised by the Supreme Being, Vishnu, as seen in the middle. However, once the mountain was put on the Ocean, it began to sink. Then came Vishnu in his second incarnation, the avatar Cosmic Turtle, Kurma, to support the mountain on his shell. As the ocean was churned, a deadly poison known as Halahala emerged. This poison threatened to suffocate all living things. In response to prayers, Shiva drank the poison but was stopped by his wife Parvati by clenching his throat causing it to turn blue. Eventually, various ratnas (treasures) emerged from the Ocean.

The spanking new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi international airport rocks!

On board Thai Airways flight home, without in-flight entertainment, I could only enjoy the tasty meals! On board the flight, we witnessed a rude Singaporean passenger who shouted to the flight steward "You, Shut Up!", when the steward was trying to explain some misunderstanding. At that point of time, we felt so disturbed and yet ashamed that the passenger was giving Singaporeans a foul name.
Juicy tender beef steak served with tasty mashed potatoes and greens.

Pasta with tuna as well as a cake served on the sides.

Noodles with teriyaki chicken and vegetables was not too impressive and rather bland.

That concludes my four days in "Bangkok: Shopaholiday in Thailand".
It was a lot of fun and we had never shopped so much in our entire lifes.
I am quite certain that I will be going back very soon!


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