Monday, May 26, 2008

TIMBUK2: Classic Messenger (S)

Classic Messenger Bag
Promo. Price: S$89 (U.P.: S$139)

About "TIMBUK2"
"Timbuk2" is a San Francisco-based company that started in 1989. "Timbuk2" specializes in making both ready-made and custom-made messenger bags. "Timbuk2" messenger bags are constructed from high-quality waterproof ballistic nylon and cordura. It is now owned by the equity firm "VMG Equity Partners".
"Timbuk2" was founded Rob Honeycutt, former bike messenger. The company was originally named "Scumbags" before being branded as "Timbuk2" in 1990. The name was said to be inspired by an American rock band "


The Classic Messenger (S)

The Finer Details
The "Timbuk2" trademark is the 'spiral logo' as well as the 'reflective tail straps'. The exterior of the bag is made with high quality Cordura (a nylon fabric from DuPont). The high thread count makes the surface of the bag waterproof. The main flap with three distinctive panels (usually in multi-coloured), is secured with two strips of velcro as well as two plastic clips. The reflective tail straps are secured to another set of clips. The rear bottom of the bag has two metal D-rings for fixing the cross-strap. The cross-strap is intended for securing the bag to the body while 'riding the bicycle or running for bus'. The interior of the bag is lined with a thick waterproof inner lining. A cable tie secures the triangular yellow hook which is intended for hanging the bag on the proprietary rack in retail outlets. Some retailers will cut it away, but most users will keep the hook as another iconic feature of "Timbuk2" bags. The Cam Buckle adjusts the length of the strap to match the height of the user.

The Compartments
There are many compartments (13) in this deceivingly small messenger bag.
(1) Main compartment accomodating an A4 folder, (2) zipper pocket, (3) business card clear pocket, (4) pocket, (5) wide pen pocket, (6) pen pocket, (7) pen pocket, (8) fleece-lined cellphone pocket, (9) large zipper pocket, (10) pocket, (11) pocket, (12) zipper pocket, (13) pocket.
Inside pocket #9, there is a key hook attached to a red strap (A).

The Accessories
The cross-strap is included with the Classic Messenger bag. The shoulder padding needs to purchase separately at around S$23. I managed to get it free with my bag.

Wear It!
"Timbuk2" Classic Messenger bags are made to be worn. Though there are different designs with multi-colored tri-panels, solid black will be suited for both casual and formal attires. Furthermore, black is alway cool!
Many thanks to 'cam-whoring' Mr.MBB for flaunting this bag.

The Moves
No product shoot is complete without a few 'kungfu panda' moves!
Thanks again to Mr. MBB for his 'Ong-bak-ish' stunts and Mr. Laurens Pang for photography.

I initially do not have the intention to get myself a "TIMBUK2" Classic Messenger bag as it was already a very common sight in the streets. However, when this special promotional price came about, I got myself tempted. Furthermore, it is the right size that I had been wanting, good for day-to-day use. When I put it on, I felt that it was made for me. When I felt its texture, I was immediately sold by its quality. "TIMBUK2" bags are just too cool to be missed! Together with the free shoulder padding that I got, I believe it is an unbeatable deal to start the GSS!
Finally, thanks to Fio for buying this bag as a gift for me. Fio has been great sponsoring all my cool bags!

If you haven't gotten a "TIMBUK2" bag, grab one today and join the trendy cool league!

Product Photography by William Tan
Action Photography by Laurens Pang
Editing by William Tan
©William Tan 2008

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Laurens said...

mr.mbb sure is a funku master

Shaun said...

great success pro bro, where did u get yours from? saw them at 1st floor at funan few weeks back.

edna said...

really nice bag .... why so stern on the stairs, you look better with that bb smile :D


Shaun said...
great success pro bro, where did u get yours from? saw them at 1st floor at funan few weeks back.

yeah scored it there,
but would anytime refer to slurpingape at BJ which is selling at the same price.
reason: new stocks and not displays.


edna said...
really nice bag .... why so stern on the stairs, you look better with that bb smile :D

that is Mr.MBB not me! LOL

Mac said...

Hey there, may i know where can i find the most variety of Timbuk2 bags here?


that has got to be slurpingape at BJ.