Monday, May 05, 2008

LINK: Manhattan Portage makes any office bloke COOL!

NY Bike Messenger Bag
The Office Trendsetter Gear
The new attention seeker bag for the cool office guy is a suave-looking Manhattan Portage bag from New York, USA. A Crumpler or TimBuk2 just looks out of place for a white collar. Nevertheless, a formal and trendy Manhattan Portage makes any office bloke cool and many heads turn. The standard logo of a Manhattan Portage is an unmistakable red logo with white outline of the NY skyscrapers. If you happen to see someone carrying this bag, remember give him a pat on the shoulder and a thumbs up for his cool taste!

I have recently posted on my bro, Laurens and his Über cool CHROME Messenger Citizen bag. He had recently proved to be a baggage trendsetter with another cool bag, the Manhattan Portage NY Bike Messenger bag. We took it down for a photo shoot and we just got too many curious but mostly envious eyes on the eye-catching Manhattan Portage logo in an alternate color scheme.
My bro sure was not too shy to share some of his moves with us.
Photography by William Tan
Editing by Laurens Pang
All rights reserved to Laurens Pang & William Tan 2008


Laurens said...

not too shy indeed

edna said...

nice effect for the pic with blurred background .... and he looks good sitting on the steps :p

Anonymous said...

Where can this brand of bags be bought in Singapore?


Slurpin' Ape at Bugis Junction or Marina Square carries Manhatten Portage bags.

Anonymous said...

What is the average price for one mini Manhatten Portage bag?