Friday, May 16, 2008

EATZ: Tau Kwa Pau (豆干包), Mary's Corner

Mary's Corner
East Coast Road
(Coffee Shop beside Aston's Specialties)

"Mary's Corner" is a discrete-looking stall facing East Coast Road, in a small corner coffeeshop at the junction into Joo Chiat, that serves one interesting snack, Tau Kwa Pau (豆干包, stuffed beancurd)

Tau Kwa Pau (豆干包)
S$6 (4pcs)
Fried beancurd sliced in the middle and stuffed with diced egg, cucumber and fried minced meat. A special sauce (possibly plum sauce) is then drizzled over the stuffed beancurd.

Definitely not eye-catching snack from a not eye-catching stall, but the tau kwa pau (豆干包) from Mary's Corner sure tastes great. Worth the try!

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