Friday, May 09, 2008

EATZ: "Coolest" Dessert Joint, ICE3

ICE3 Cafe
11, KensigntonPark Road
Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: 6282 8126
The hippest and coolest ice-cream restaurant, ICE3, serves premium homemade ice-cream in the heart of Singapore's foodfare haven. Being reviewed by many programmes including the "Sweets for my Sweet", ICE3 is bound to impress anyone with their variety of tantalising desserts. Apart from dining in the cool little shop in Serangoon Garden Estate, diners can order delivery to get happy at home!

Eyes Wide Open Mud Pie™
"Mocha ice cream drenched with chocolate fudge & dusted with Milo® powder & chocolate chips - so delicious you'll be losing sleep drooling over it!"
The solid and creamy mocha ice-cream melts in your mouth and not on the plate, simply because it is very rich in cream, making it not melt easily. The generous Milo® and kisses topping drizzled with fudge makes this mud pie completely perfect!

Waffles with Triple Scoop
Freshly-made hot waffles customisable to your own taste! Go for the maximum number of scoops, three! Anymore, you will probably not taste the difference between your ice cream choices.

Crepes with Single Scoop
Freshly-made warm crispy crepes customisable to your own taste! The lighter (hopefully) version does not have a scoop of ice cream, but it is much better to have a single scoop of your choice. I chose apple cinnamon for the ice cream, maple syrup over my crepes, brownie and walnut stuffings. A deadly sinful combo!

At this point of time, you should be casting your "keep fit" mentality aside! The desserts served at "ICE3" is well worth every calorie count! The homemade ice cream are really premium and very rich. There are so many varieties to choose from, creamy to sorbets, leaving you spoilt for choice. You can have them in the many ways that they can serve, as single scoops, or multi-scoops, sundaes etc., but the mud pies are a must-have! The portion is good enough to be taken a meal for one, but a greedy person can have more! The customisable waffles and crepes are interesting, but I would prefer the mud pies. How they turn out, depends on your choice of ingredients. Note that these freshly prepared desserts take a while to make. Did I not mention that they serve western food entree as well? But the attention is on the ice cream desserts.
The hip ambience makes "ICE3" a cool place to chill out with a few buddies who doesn't mind occasional sinful indulgence. Definitely one of the better ice-cream restaurants that I have been to.


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