Sunday, April 27, 2008

LINK: CHROME Messenger Citizen bag is the new COOL!

Messenger Citizen
The Latest Trendsetter Baggage Gear
Chrome Messenger
CHROME bags are rare in Singapore as of today, when most of the time, you can easily spot a Crumpler or Timbuk2. You can easily spot a CHROME bag by its black griffon on a red badge. CHROME bags cannot be commonly found in retail malls/shops. They are also more expensive (>S$200) than the common messenger bags. Nevertheless, for that price you are paying, you get the best quality material designed in the most ergonomic style. If you spot someone wearing a CHROME bag, you know that he knows his bags and ÜBER COOL!

Helped my bro NEXUS got his product shoot TFCD going with his new CHROME Messenger (Citizen) Bag.
"Its unique usage of the seat belt buckle and seat belt material as part of the strap makes it stand out from the typical messenger bags you'd see on the streets nowadays."
Check out his post here.

Top image photography by Laurens Pang
Bottom images photography by William Tan
All editing by Laurens Pang
All rights reserved to Laurens Pang & William Tan 2008


Laurens said...

when can i get my manhattan TFCD? fun

Shaun said...

Is Nice!

Shaun said...

is nice!

ok said...

Hey there, may i know where you get the chrome citizen messenger bag from?

my friend loves it, i'm thinking of getting one for him.


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