Wednesday, April 30, 2008

EATZ: Congee, 渔汤专卖 at People's Park Food Centre

32, People's Park Cooked Food Centre, # 01-1074
New Market Road
Operating Hours: 10a.m. -10p.m.
"渔汤专卖" does not have an English name, hence I shall refer to it as "Fish Soup Specialist". Fish Soup Specialist does not serve only sliced/fried fish soup, but they serve congee as well. Congee are very cheap but in order to make the congee value for the buck, hawkers tend to come up with varieties. Fish Soup Specialist happen to serve quite a variety. Apart from congee, they serve raw fish (鱼生) as well.

Century egg with cuttlefish porridge
Instead of the usual century egg with lean pork meat combination, with cuttfish is something new. Generous huge chunks of century egg and fried dough sticks (油条) alongside spring onion and fried shallots top the white congee. Stirring the congee reveals the cuttlefish within.

Mixed Pork Congee
The common pork meat congee except that there are small intestines.

Raw fish (鱼生)
This fish is definitely not ikan parang. The fish slices are served on a bed of sliced lettuce with ginger slices, spring onion, fried shallot, sliced chilli and lime, doused with a slimy thick sauce.

The congee from both tastes similar suggesting that the ingredients were only briefly added just before serving. The congee is also rather watery and not as tasty as the one I had at "Tiong Bahru Porridge". At S$4, above the average S$3, the serving is worth its price. The raw fish is definitely not the ikan parang raw fish slices that I had at "Tiong Bahru Porridge". The fish is fresh with no fishy taste, because it does not have a taste at all. The only taste came from the sauce and ingredients. Nevertheless, the fish slices are thicker than most ikan parang fish slices.
My vote still goes to the nearby "Tiong Bahru Porridge" at Hong Lim Food Centre. There are other stalls serving good hawker foodfare at Yong Tau Foo, fried Hokkien prawn noodle or even "Shun Tuck Cheong Fun".


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