Monday, February 11, 2008


After a whole day out cross-country cycling at Pulau Ubin,
GS an I were deadbeat with worn thighs and sore lower backs.
Just when we were doing some window shopping, we knocked ourselves out at the demonstration showroom for massage chairs.
We tried the OSIM uPapa, which gives various strong rythmic pounding effects, while the OSIM NORO Max Relax gives realistic pressing, rubbing and rolling effects.
We also tried similar products from
By the end of our little adventure in the showroom,
we found ourselves regaining our vitality again!
We were both convinced that OSIM NORO Max Relax is the best buy!
The back massage definitely took all that sore and aches away like magic!
I was not sold by the promoter, but I was sold by the actual result and moreover, at a ridiculously cheap price, we cannot resist but to score one each!
I knew that the cheap price came about due to the discontinuation of the line, which is always the case for OSIM products. Nevertheless, a one year warranty is still applicable.
The reasons I chose OSIM NORO Max Relax over the rest of the back massagers were because the price was half of the other back massagers, its portability and compact built, most imprtantly, it gives a full back massage while the rest only targets lower back.
It is no wonder OSIM discontinued this line, because with the OSIM NORO Max Relax, there is possibly no need for a massage chair!

A perfect gift for dad's birthday and mom seems to enjoy it as well.

S$168 (U.P.: S$198)
Discontinued PRE-LAUNCH (as verified by OSIM staff)
With the functionality almost similar to the massage chair version, OSIM NORO Harmony or OSIM NORO Melody, the OSIM NORO Max Relax is a portable version that goes from any sofa or armchair in the comfort of your home, to even the car seat. This fabulous and light-weight device gives a full back massage in 3 modes: Shiatsu, Swing and Rolling. The vibrating seat massage in thre intensities improve circulation and ease back tension. The adjustable roller widths via a simple wired remote, allows users of different body built to enjoy the massage.

A product by OSIM Inspiring Life
A Singapore Brand

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