Friday, February 01, 2008

EATZ: BOTAK JONES. Revisited after a year!

You must have heard of "Botak Jones". "Botak Jones" is probably the most blogged about western food joint. If you haven't heard of them, then you are probably not a Singaporean! I daringly make this statement because since 2006, "Botak Jones" has been the hype among foodies, netizens and then citizens. Their 'concept' also spurred some spin-offs such as this in 2007. So what was that 'concept'? 'Ang Mo' (caucasians in a local slang) whipping up western food in the heartlands of Singapore. "Botak Jones" sells on their slogan of "Damn Good Food At A Damn Good Price" and an unspoken slogan of "Damn Huge Portion"! It was during that hype, I visited "Botak Jones" 3 times a week! On Sept 13th, I had their iconic "You Crazy Wat?". On Sept 17th, I almost killed myself having "Whoopass Cheese Fries", "Cajun Chicken Burger", "Cajun Chicken Plate" and "Swanky Franky". On Sept 19th, I had the "Hot & Spicy Pork Bratwurst" and sampled "Fish Burger". Since then, I took a break from "Botak Jones" for one year until recently.
They have opened an outlet near my residence in AMK. Since Mak who came back from Hong Kong for a short holiday during this Lunar Chinese New Year, what better place to bring my good buddy for a meal but "Botak Jones"!

Botak Jones
Authentic American Food
529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Botak Jones found their way to a coffeeshop which is just a few blocks away from my place. This is one 'fateful' location which has a story behind it. When I was a kid (more than 15 years ago), this location was a coffeeshop by the name of "Tian Hua" and there was one of the best nasi lemak that I ever had. But a fateful event of a robbery and murder of the boss made the coffeshop lose much of their customers. Since then, the location was never thriving in business. Other operators that took over that location did not last more than 2 years, not even a much adored KFC restaurant. Nevertheless, is the arrival of "Botak Jones" going to change the fate of this location? We shall see!

Whoopas Cheese Fries
Cheesy fries topped with spicy minced beef and diced onion. The hot spicy taste is attributed to the Jalepeno pepper in the chilli (American-style). Despite not being crispy, the huge soggy fries is wet with the tasty chilli beef sauce!

Rosemary Lamb Chop
S$11.50 (200gm)
Fat, tender and juicy lamb chop char-grilled to your liking and topped with a special shitake-onion-pepper sauce. Served on the sides are spicy fries and coleslaw. We had ordered medium but it came without the pink. Nevertheless, it is still juicy.

Fish and Chips
Breaded dory fillet fried to a lovely golden crisp, served with spicy fries and coleslaw. The fish meat is fresh, juicy and not too flaky, but is a tad salty.

The Botak Burger
with cheese add-on
S$6.50 + S$1
The signature dish of a 150gm juicy minced beef patty chargrilled to a medium-well with additional cheddar cheese topping the patty to make it 'botak'! The patty is served on a hamburger bun with sliced tomato, lettuce and onions, with spicy fries and coleslaw on the sides.

I have heard rumours that "Botak Jones" are losing their standard and facing a down-sizing crowd. How true is that? I used to wait for more than an hour during their peak, but I only wait for 15 minutes for all my orders to be served. The portions are still as huge as before. Similarly the tastes are as good as before. I am glad that their AMK outlet is just footsteps away from my place. Nevertheless, "Botak Jones" is still one place worth paying all that increased ERP charges, to visit and have a 'SHIOK' meal!
Note: This place does not charge GST and service charge and still provide damn good food at damn food prices and a commendable service.



Laurens said...

my dad had the lamb chops and said it was tough :(

Kenny said...

I'm ashamed to say I have never tried Botak Jones.