Thursday, January 24, 2008

FUJIFILM FinePix F100fd

Fujifilm has done it again!
They probably knew that the successor of the great F31fd, F50fd received plenty of bashing from hardcore Super CCD fans for the poor IQ in the 'up-sized' 12-megapixel sensor. The less mentioned F40fd was not even considered by many as part of the "F-Series".
Hence, the great people at Fujifilm is giving us F100fd!
This upcoming compact camera has already been branded as the "'Ultimate' Compact"! With the use of such a strong term, seems like nothing can come any closer! Some even say that it is an S5Pro shrunk into a compact with their 8th Generation HR Super CCD, RP (Real Photo) Processor III and Wide Dynamic Range! On the specification sheets, it does not seem like any major improvement from the present F50fd. But a careful technical observation reveals that there is more than meets the eye!

FinePix F50fd VS FinePix F100fd
Sensor: 12 megapixels Super CCD HR VII 12 megapixels Super CCD HR VIII with RP Processor III
Lens: 35mm normal 28mm wide angle
Zoom: 3x optical zoom 5x optical zoom
Monitor: 2.5-inch 230,000-pixel LCD 2.7-inch 232,000-pixel LCD
Face Detection: fd 2.0 Technology fd 3.0 Technology feat. Auto-Red Eye Removal
Image Stabilization: CCD-Shift with ISO 6400 CCD-Shift with ISO 12800
Highlight: Aperture & Shutter Priority Dynamic Range 100%, 300% & 400% (limited to minimum ISO400)

With the 12 megapixels Super CCD HR VIII with RP Processor III, F100fd promises a wide dynamic range that no other camera makers can provide, which translates to no more blown-out skies and loss of details in the shadows. Equipped with a 5x Fujinon optical zoom lens, the compact F100fd can now do more and go further than most compacts with a standard 3x zoom. The high ISO 12800 means that users can say "Good-bye" to bulky tripods and get steady night/low light shots with all the natural colours without the 'flash' and are most probably useable. With "Top/Final 3" at 1.7 frames per second at full resolution and "Top/Final 12" at 5 frames per second at 3 Megapixels, actions are captured without missing any bit of the action! F100fd is capable of playback high-resolution images at 10 frames per second, that is extremely fast! On the 'soft' side, F100fd is equipped with "Portrait Enhancer" to minimize fine lines and mild skin blemishes for 'studio-like' portraits. Last but not least, F100fd utilizes the expensive and proprietary xD-cards, but luckily the cheaper Secure Digital (SD) and SD-HC cards as well! The F100fd also starts of at 28mm wider angle allowing users to capture more in a narrow space.
Even the most ultimate camera has a flaw or two. The F100fd does not have an Aperture and Shutter Priority function which is very much adored by high-level photographers. Though it is wider at 28mm compared to predecessor F50fd, the maximum aperture starts at a slower f/3.3 instead of f/2.8. The 1/3-stop slower aperture can possibly result in slower AF, slower shutter speed and less bokeh.

What is now left to make it the best compact camera will be its IQ!

I am prepared for F100fd!
It is going to be the next-in-line to take over my trusted Canon Digital IXUS40 which is turning 3 soon.
It is like a dream come true!


ber said...

specs looks good. somemore wif superccd and iso 12800. Fuji rocks!! haha... S5pro?


my D200 still serving me well.
intention is to build on my lens collection.
as for compact, my ixus40 really very antique liao. high time to upgrade... woohoo!