Monday, January 28, 2008

EATZ: Roast Chicken from Han's, Trinity@Paya Lebar

Do you like "Han's"?
Since their price increment, I visited less of "Han's".
Nevertheless, every now and then, I would still visit them for their set meals.
I always like their "black pepper chicken chop" (S$9.90), but their "roast chicken" is not bad as well.

Roast Chicken Set
Trinity@Paya Lebar
Every set meal at "Han's" comes with a soup of the day usually "mushroom soup", garlic bread, main entree, dessert and beverage (coffee, tea, iced lemon tea or orange juice). A huge tender juicy white meat with roasted cripsy skin marinated with mixed herbs, served with baby carrots, hashbrown and black pepper sauce. For the second time at "Han's" at Trinity@ Paya Lebar, for the variables, I had mushroom soup and peach half in heavy syrup.

Despite the price increment, their quality of food did not change at all. All the good and wholesome food prepared in a holy place makes it even special. Nevertheless, the set meals at "Han's" are still considered affordable without any surcharges. The "Roast Chicken" I had was fantastic. I could hear the skin crackle as I pryed open the skin. There was not much fat but lovely juicy tender white meat! Look at how the meat is 'sweating', the juiciness of the meat glistens. The baby carrots were sweet and seem a tad unnatural, but still was nice. You do not have to necessary visit "Han's" at Trinity, but this place does have a good ambience overlooking...... Paya Lebar Road and the warehouses (eg. where I scored my sneaker that was fit for the brave).


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