Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EATZ: 'MAGGI' Mee Goreng

We have all had "Mee Goreng" (literally translated to 'noodles fried'), but for a probably 30c worth packet of instant noodles that is 'goreng'-ed and served at 10x the price? That is "'MAGGI' Mee Goreng".

'MAGGI' Mee Goreng
The local Indian Muslim food operators take a packet of 'MAGGI' instant noodles (Curry Flavour) and fry it like with egg, cabbage, leavey vegetable, chicken chunks and most importantly the sachet of curry soup base that came with the instant noodle.

You can find "'MAGGI' Mee Goreng" at almost any Indian Muslim coffee house, I had mine at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Haji Karim's. I have tried this dish at a few other places as well. They all tasted great! Some say that it is the magic of the MSG and I totally agree. Its addictive! I would definitely nod to paying S$3 for this and even S$4 for a 'double-MAGGI' (which means frying two packs of the 'MAGGI' instant noodle). Just make sure, do not attempt to ask for two packets of 'MAGGI', 'cos you might just end up with two packs of takeaways! If you have not tried "'MAGGI' Mee Goreng", time to take a break from the "Mee Goreng biasa" and try it today!


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