Wednesday, October 24, 2007

[MONEY] myPP Investments

myPP Investments
"let's play stocks"
Date: 24th October 2007

Client ID: fio

Today's Trade Actions:
  1. Captial added S$20,000
  2. Buy Genting International , 1 lot (0.685)
Today's Status:
  • Capital balance: S$19,315
  • Stocks owned:
    Genting International, 1 lot (0.685)
Client ID: mybearbrick
Today's action:

  1. Capital added S$20,000
  2. Buy SembCorp Marine Limited, 1 lot (4.740)

Today's Status:

  • Capital balance: S$15,260
  • Stocks owned:
    SembCorp Marine Limited, 1 lot (4.740)


ber said...

wah.... so rich.... 20k each...
when profit taking u know wat to do ah... hehe...

edna said...

scenario or real investment?


haha edna got that right. it is paper play (PP). this is to let us try our some speculative investments before going into the actual market itself, 'cos it takes to be burnt to learn. so why not go virtual first.
wanna play? takes nothing to start with S$20,000 and no transaction charges.

edna said...

made a guess as you were always singing .... $$$, got no $, in a rich man's world :p


i have parked my resources in other places, until I am more confident in stock market. :)