Sunday, October 21, 2007

Look what I have had! 粥 & 生鱼片

I was at Maxwell Market today with my buddy, Laurens, intending to get some decent chow. There were long queues at the popular Chicken Rice, Fish Soup and 咸煎饼 (fried salted pancakes), hence we decided that we should try something else but the popular. We found a stall without any queue, selling (porridge) and 生鱼片 (raw fish slices, ala sashimi). We each ordered a pork porridge with egg and shared a plate of 生鱼片.

Pork Porridge
S$2.50 (without egg) / S$3 (with egg)
For some, this may seem like an extreme gastronomy, but trust me, this pork porridge with a raw egg, some shredded lettuce, together with single slices of pig's liver, lean meat, minced meat ball and intestine proves is different from the regular pork porridge with just lean meat and minced pork. Apparantly, the porridge did not have a strong flavour, suggesting that they have used a generic plain porridge base. They only added the ingredients later with each orders. The porridge was rather watery and not thick like the frog's leg porridge that I had in Dunman. I was not too impressed by the porridge.

生鱼片 (Raw Fish Slices)
S$2 /3 /5
We had the S$3 share and there are enough of the raw fish slices for the both of us. The fish not exactly very 'sweet' and tender. Laurens had to remove a few bones, while I have not met with any. Nevertheless, the raw fish slices were fresh and without fishy taste/smell. The shredded ginger, shredded lettuce, spring onion and fried shallots went well with the fish slices especially with a tinge of sesame oil. I'll take this as having a plate of cheap sashimi.

Not the best 生鱼片 and definitely not very good porridge. If you want a shorter queue, try something else. I will not review bad food experiences here at all, so if you still like a simple porridge and raw fish slices just to settle meal, you can probably make do for this.


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