Saturday, October 27, 2007

Look what I have had! Cordon Bleu at BENNY, budget and good!

Having had Cordon Bleu at in Austria, I thought that it is not easy to find Austrian food in Singapore except at "Wiener Kaffeehaus", until I came across "Benny" at Maxwell Road Market. "Benny" is part of the "Initium Services Pte Ltd", a company that help aspiring food entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses. From their website, we can see that "Benny" is highly recommended by many reviewers such as Channel U and the local papers. So is "Benny" really that good? I decided to give it a shot!

For your reference, this is the Cordon Bleu from "Wiener Kaffeehaus".

"Benny...Traditional Great Tastes™"
Maxwell Market
South Bridge Road
At "Benny", there is no fancy menu but a huge yellow banner at the store front shows what they have at a glance. They serve a small Cordon Bleu, Goulasch, Aglio Olio and desserts. From the outlook of the stall, it does not look like it is going to be intensive cooking work involved. The well-organized clean stall would easily earn an "A" rating for cleanliness. I had questioned how long is the chef going to take to prepare a dish, since it is self-served.
The chef took a breaded patty from the refrigerator and put it into the deep-fryer, while he heated a cupcake-like mashed potato into the microwave oven. While waiting for the food to cook, he dished out the apple salad onto the plate. In less than 8 minutes, my order is served.
Cordon Bleu

The not-too-big thick Cordon Bleu patty is topped with a creamy yellow sauce (I believe is sour cream) and garlic champignons.
The mashed potato is not too wet and nicely mashed, but except the bit of garlic-flavoured oil and tangy tomato sauce on top, the mashed potato got rather dry when I was halfway through.
Nothing too fantastic to comment about the salad with apple chunks.

The patty is rather solid, but not too tough for the flimsy plastic knife. The minute the knife sank into the patty, wet cheese oozed out from within and maintained its viscosity until I finish. The compact and solid patty retained its organized layers of pork and crust at all times without messing up the plate. The meat is slightly tough but not too much for those with dentures or weak teeth. I dissected the patty and examined the layers and realised that there are three layers of meat. The ham seemed to be missing. The minute I took a first bite on a chunk of the patty, a distinct taste immediately caught my attention. It did not take me long discover that they have used the bottled dried "mixed herbs" to give it the distinct taste. I know that because I use a lot of that. The taste of the "mixed herbs" was so strong that it overpowered the natural taste of the pork and cheese. It would be better, if they have used lesser of the "mixed herbs" and retain more of the original taste of the segments of the Cordon Bleu.


Despite the significant differences in the taste of the Cordon Bleu at "Benny" against "Wiener Kaffeehaus", at prices less than S$10, it is considered cheap and definitely worth it! I am impressed by the deceiving small-looking portion which is very filling. I could not even finish my mashed potato. I will definitely return to try their goulasch and pasta. Of course, a review will be done for the benefit of my faithful readers. ;)

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