Saturday, October 20, 2007

Look what I have had! Chicken Shephard Pie & XO Crab Beehoon

Did you know that the weirdesst combination for a meal is to combine a western pastry with a very locak delight? I am refering to a Chicken Shephard Pie and XO Crab Beehoon.
I have always walked past "Don, Your Personal Pie Club" located at China Square, but never really tried it despite the over-zealous staff promoting their pies. However, I was more captivated by the mini-posters promoting their XO Crab Beehoon. I finally decided to try it!

Chicken Shephard Pie
At prices around S$4-5 for a mini pie and S$15-16 for a 20cm large pie, it is definitely worth every cent! Especially when the fragrant crisp and flaky crust encapsulates a generous amount of tasty piping hot fillings! I have never eaten pie this fresh and crispy! They carry a range of fillings, from Black Pepper Chicken to savoury apple. I decided to try their signature Chicken Shephard Pie. Two thumbs up! I have changed my opinion of pies that are soggy and stingy on fillings.

XO Crab Beehoon
The last thing I would expect from a pie joint, is for them to serve such a local dish. Nevertheless, this dish has drawn in a lot of crowd, even the older generation. The portion is rather huge for a single adult, and was quite shocked when I see young kids with big families having one portion to themselves. An average-sized Sri Lanka crab simmered in a tasty broth flavoured with XO and ginger, served with greens and sauteed yam chunks. The crab meat is fresh, juicy and tender. Definitely a must try!

Don, Your Personal Pie Club
25 China Street
Tel: 6536-0925

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