Saturday, October 20, 2007

周杰倫 - 牛仔很忙

How about the latest 周杰倫 (Jay Chou) song for you?
牛仔很忙 "Cowboy on the Run" is a new style adopted by Jay Chou. In an interview, he mentioned that he is adopting this new western cowboy style into his creations, yet he still retains a touch of his own unique flavor, "咬字不清!" It gave me the giggles when I heard it over the radio. I can't wait for his album to hit the stores, hopefully with "Secret" included! I'm quite a big fan of his... heehee

周杰倫 - 牛仔很忙


Anonymous said...

Cool MV but can't say that for the song....


but...but... its by Jay Chou!!!!!!