Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Xin Yuan Ji" Sliced Fish Soup

When I brought Benny to try out one of my favourite local dish, the famous "Kim Kee (ex-Bianco Court) Fried Fish Soup" from China Square Food Centre, he immediately claimed that he have had better! He had recommended me "Xin Yuan Ji" at Serangoon Central. "Xin Yuan Ji" can be found at the coffee shop facing the main road, behind a bus stop outside the Serangoon bus interchange. There is also a small KFC take-away outlet beside it; it is not very hard locating it. I have tried many fish soups including the ones from the very popular "Piao Ji Fish Porridge" at Amoy Street Hawker Centre. However, one major difference between "Kim Kee" or "Piao Ji" and "Xin Yuan Ji" is that the latter adds evaporated milk into the fish soup (for fried fish soups). Usually fish soup can be eaten with beehoon (rice vermicelli) or rice, and the fried fish soups have evaporated milk added while fresh fish soup doesn't. In any cases, most importantly, the fish must be fresh and the soup must be tasty!

I believe that I have found a good one to add to my recommendation list, and that is "Xin Yuan Ji". I ordered a single share of the fried dish soup with beehoon. When the soup first touched my tongue, it was like magic! I did not expect the plain looking soup to taste like the famous 'XO' (liquor-added) fish soups! The soup is neither too salty nor to tangy. It is also not too bitter due to too much liquor. The freshness and sweetness of fish has diffused into the soup, making it perfect!

This is one fried fish soup that you must try! It is available from "Xin Yuan Ji", which is operated by three young chaps, whom I believe to be brothers.

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Laurens said...

wu ya bo? so good mehs?


its good! I swear by it! must try! you everytime take NEL to serangoon, enroute can go BBB to try try try!