Saturday, September 29, 2007

Look what I've had! Thai Food

I was with my buddy collecting our REVOLTECH MINIATURE ESV Shield and Positron Cannon (2 for S$18) last night during TGIF. As usual, we would look for some decent chow. We skipped the usual fish soup and "Han's", and headed for Circular Road, behind Boat Quay. We found a lot of shops selling BBQ seafood but none of them seems unique. Then we found a shop selling Thai food with prices starting from S$4.90. I could not be bothered with the shop name since they had me waited by one waitress who hardly understands my English or Mandarin, who was the only waitress around. Their regular a la carte menu range comprises of a variety of aunthentic Thai cuisine each around S$8. However, we ordered from their dinner special menu, where prices are all S$4.90. We both ordered Tom Yum Glass Noodle. Pang had the seafood while I had the chicken. We also added a side dish, Thai fish cake, at S$3.90.

Tom Yum Glass Noodle
The noodle dish come with chunks of chicken thigh meat and straw mushrooms, topped with parsley. The Tom Yum is very rich in flavour and yet not too spicy.
The difference in the chicken and the seafood version is that the chicken chunks are replaced by 3 to 4 prawns. The only complaint that Pang had, was too much lemon grass in the soup.

Thai Fish Cake
With any order of a dinner special, we were entitled to order a side dish at S$3.90. We had the Thai fish cake. The fish cake is neither crispy nor 'crunchy'. It is like eating otah with a strong Tom Yum taste. It is good by itself or with a bit of sweet Thai chili sauce.

The food is not bad for the dinner special menu prices. Note that there is a 10% service charge which I thought was rather undeserving, as the service was a tad too slow. At least the iced water is on the house.


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Laurens said...

there was only 2 prawns lor