Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Look what I have bought! SPIDER-MAN 3 DVD

My SPIDER-MAN (Movie versions) DVD Collection is crap, like my LOTR collection. They are from all over the place! I dislike my first SPIDER-MAN movie DVD, it is a cheap 'OOO' (odd-one-out) 2-disc DVD set. I followed up with a Region 3 release of SPIDER-MAN 2 DVD and now ending the trilogy with SPIDER-MAN 3. From the concurrent release of the Region 3 SPIDER-MAN 3 Single-disc DVD and 2-Disc Special Edition Widescreen Edition DVD, a Region 1 Trilogy Box Set including all three of the SPIDER-MAN movies is available as well. This box set also include special comic covers that a fan will die to get, even if it means getting duplicate copies! However, I am not rich and too big a comic fan to get duplicates. Hence, I scored only the 2-Disc version.
Among the three movies, the third is definitely a 'love-hate' affair for me. I love all the special effects and characters, but I just cannot stand a 'fuller' Peter Parker. He ought to have shed some pounds during this movie! As usual, we love Mary Jane!

As usual, the local Region 3 2-Disc Edition DVDs always come in a card sleeve, either as a side-slot or top-down slot. The SPIDER-MAN 3 is one of the latter.
The cover of the DVD case is no different from the sleeve, of SPIDER-MAN with back facing SPIDER-MAN with Symbian (some prefer to call him "SPIDER-MAN Symbiote" or "SPIDER-MAN Black", but please do not call him "VENOM" who should be "Eddie Brock"). However, thje back cover is different from that of the sleeve.
No inserts in the DVD case. Each disc comes in a different colour. The main feature in SPIDER-MAN outfit while the bonus feature in SPIDER-MAN with Symbian outfit.
The best part of getting the 2-Disc Special Edition DVD is the FREE A1 double-sided Official SPIDER-MAN 3 movie poster (graphic same as DVD cover)! It is gonna sit in the sleeve until I get a decent frame.

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