Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Look at what I've had! Sushi Tei

We visited Sushi Tei at Serangoon Garden for dinner on Monday. Since I discover the great value sashimi salad, I have always adored Sushi Tei and placed it a rank above the regular sushi train joints. Every once in a while, Sushi Tei will offer a brand new special seasonal menu. However, I prefer to stay conventional! These are what we ordered. Its time to "Jiak Jiak Jiak" (Eat Eat Eat)!

Sashimi Salad
The sashimi salad comes in a huge bowl of greens topped with fresh raw ocean catch. I know it is nothing absolutely right to use fresh, but the sashimi is indeed very very fresh, without any fishy or murky water taste. The sashimi comes in CHUNKS, not slices! There are salmon, tuna, octopus, squid and something that I cannot identify (rose pinkish chunk). I chose the house dressing, Sushi Tei dressing, out of three, for the salad. I have tried this dressing before and swear by it! The proportion of the sashimi to greens is 50:50. At the price of S$8. I say this is damn worth it!

Cold Soba
If you think that it is silly wat cold noodles, you are wrong! The cold soba is a light dish for the health conscious. There is not too much strong flavourings, but just the natural taste of the soba served chilled. This dish comes with the soba served over ice cubes together with a chilled light soba sauce. Blend in a bit of wasabi to spice things up ! If you still worry that this dish cannot fill up an empty stomach, you are wrong again!

Chicken Katsu Don
I am the don don donburi kinda person. Everytime I visit a japanese restaurant, I must order rice dishes. I am also very rigid and hardly change my orders. I will go for either Curry Katsu Don, Oyako Don or Katsu Don. Though most katsu are done with pork, there are some that serves chicken katsu. Sushi Tei does serve well-fried crispy katsu with tender juicy chicken fillet, drenched in 3/4 done egg sauce. Not a grain of rice is left behind!

We were so tempted by the Sukiyaki hotpot. The sukiyaki soup and the beef are the most important ingredients in this dish. The soup can only get sweeter and sweeter as we continue to simmer the thin slices of beef to our liking. The soup became so sweet towards halfway through, such that we had to ask for a refill. Mind you, there is NO MSG or ajinomoto! Everything is 100% natural flavour!
The last picture shows the fuel pack that heats up the hot pot. Of course, the one shown is not lit. The waiter will light directly on it to melt the film and ignite the blue chemical fuel. The fuel burns clean without any foul stench or smoke.

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