Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Faces of a stray

Message to Create Awareness about Stray Cats

Everytime I see a stray feline, I cannot help but feel sad. I love these kittys but why not the rest? There is even a legislation that cats cannot be kept in a HDB flat, which is utter load of crap! I am sure dogs do as much nasty things and probably more than that of a cat. At least a cat need not be trained to poo-poo in the right place unlike those untrained dogs. And for goodness sake, cats do NOT catch rats! Neither do they eat mice! These poor kittys are forced by the law to be thrown into the streets to die! If not for the kind people who look after them, cats will only exist in the zoo! If you don't want them to breed like mad or scratch your car hoods, bring them away from the streets! Give them a home! I love cats as much as I love dogs, but please give them the same treatment!

Cats are damn Cool!

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Dear, I still don't understand why can you like things with cat designs but fear them so much!? Try to love them more and I'll love you more :)

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