Sunday, September 02, 2007

Banana Leaf Apolo

It was a BBB day yesterday, though there is nothing to buy but to oogle at the pretty pretty SONY models at Comex 2007, we did score quite a bit of stuff (to be updated later). We were famished by the time we were done in the evening. Since Nexus decided that he wanted to take up the "Banana Leaf Challenge", we decided to visit the Banana Leaf Apolo at Serangoon Road. I have earlier visit this outlet and the Banana Leaf Apolo at Race Course Road. We did not order any Curry Fish Head, but we did order dishes that I have never tried myself before.

This series of shots are snapped using Nexus's SONY Cybershot T10 famed for it low light shooting capability with good ISO control and 'steady shot' function. I am also uploading my pictures to host at blogger direct since Photobucket decided to shrink the capacity of free memberships and resulting in a 190% full account.

While waiting for Fio to join us, we ordered fruit lassi (yougurt drink) while enjoying the free flow of pappads. He had the peach (beige) while I had the mango (obviously, orange).

As usual, rice is served with vegetables as sides. Note that they are not complimentary and they cost a buck more. Rice is free flow though.

This is the first time we ordered Chicken 65, which is chicken chunks roasted with spices.

Despite its unsightly appearance, the Sheekh Kebab is a frangrant and spicy charcoal-smoked mutton kebab. The kebab comes with a greenish dip that we have no clue what it is about. This dip suppress some of the charred and spicy taste.

Black Squids is the variant to the normal Curry Squids. Instead of masala and spices, the black squids are cooked in 'black' sauce and spices.

Our source of greens aren't really green in colour.

Nexus wanted naan so badly that we ordered butter and garlic naan.

Our conclusion at the end of the meal is that it is definitely more worthwhile to go in three than two persons. Always order small portions to share around. Try avoid snacking too much on the free pappads. Go with a hungry tummy. We only barely managed to finish everything.

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