Sunday, July 29, 2007

Black Pig at TONTOM

Yesterday, I had a gathering with a few friends whom I knew since University of Melbourne. We met at Central located at Clark Quay NEL station and decided to have our dinner at TONTOM Japanese Restaurant, before we visit The Clinic for some alcohol (which we all agree never to revisit). TONTOM is actually a restaurant operated by the same people who brought to you MEIDI-YA and Tampopo, both located in Liang Court basement. TONTOM is famous for their tonkatsu (breaded and fried cutlet) and what separates them from the rest of the japanese restaurants that serves tonkatsu, is the kurobuta (black pig)!

The top two images shows the katsu (cutlet) with egg Nabe (hotpot). The well-fried katsu is soaked in a tasty sauce and the best part is that the egg is still runny! Even the miso soup had pork in it as well, a real porky treat. Jason and I had this dish.

Shufen was the only one who ordered the kurobuta tonkatsu, (left image). We all tried a bit of the pork cutlet, and the pork is not black at all! duhhh.... Bernard ordered something that seemed like a grilled pork chop.

Fio and Jane had Chicken Curry Katsu and I had the chilli padi. The curry is not as spicy as the chilli padi, but its good enough for a curry lover, like myself. Anyway, Japanese curry aren't supposed to be spicy. I always have to 'fire it up' everytime I prepare a meal of Japanese curry for my family.

Sze Wai had seafood instead of pork (left image). We pooled our preserved radish together since no one seemed to enjoy them as much as I do.

Each meal can easily cost you around S$18 and onwards with black pig being more expensive. If you really like Katsu, I recommend the cheaper and better Romankan Yokohama, located at Takashimaya basement. I do not have a tongue of a gourmet to taste the difference between black pig meat and regular pork, but I am sure there are pork lovers who can do that and appreciate it much more than I do. Do visit TONTOM Central and give it a try!

TONTOM Central
06 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central #03-88/99
Tel: 63277887
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 11pm

Liang Court Shopping Centre #B1-50
177 River Valley Road (S)179030
Telephone : 63383186

Opening Hours : Daily: 11.30am-10.00pm

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Laurens said...

Clinic bo chiobu nurses to serve u sibos? lol


nope no nurses at all!
tio conned!
wasted the cover charge of S$15, but at least got a free housepour.