Friday, June 08, 2007

thoughts for the friday morning...

Gucci Sale
Yesterday, I was in town and went into a Gucci boutique which was having a queue. Apparantly, the boutique was having a sale. I had no intention to get anything, but to accompany my friend.
Thoughts: 90% of the people who entered were plainly dressed, including myself. 70% of the people left without buying anything. The next 25% had their shoulders full of handbags bearing the familiar and 'friendly' monogram but ended up buying only one. The last 5% bought like there is no tomorrow! Mind you, a standard small canvas tote bag with monogram print, costs around S$400 and higher. The more I look at it, the more 'friendly' it looked. Hmmm...

Wedding Dinner & Photo Shoot
With my best shirt on, I am invited to attend a wedding dinner today at the famous Yan Palace Restaurant at Hong Lim Complex, opposite ChinaSquare Central. Yes, Hong Lim Complex! The place where we have the good hawker foodfare. The restaurant is a classic 'old skool' Chinese restaurant which hosted countless weddings of those of the older generation (my folks' era). Even till this day, the restaurant is famous for their EXCELLENT culinary skills. I was also requested by my friend (groom), to do a shoot for him. I agreed immediately and thought it will be good for building my portfolio. My other friends asked me if I was charging a fee? I replied that it was not discussed and I thought it will be sort of like a TFCD for him. Nevertheless, it is necessary for me to give a customary token to the newly weds. They nodded in agreement.
Thoughts: I am glad to see this old friend finally get married. I met him through nexus's ex poly classmate during the darker days of my youth when I dwelled in the arcade centres, smashing buttons. Nexus's ex poly classmate then introduced me to his friend, whom I know as 'tak' (not real name, but a nick, originated from our common interested in a japanese visual rock group's guitarist, Takuro; interestingly, I was nicked 'Jiro', the bassist. silly -_-'). We lost contact after nexus's ex poly classmate dropped his course to pursue something else. Nevertheless, I met tak during my BMT, where he was in the same 'E' COY as me, but a different platoon. It was just a 'hi-bye' kind-of thing until we ended up in the same 21SA for our 2 years of NS. Until now, we still do meet up regularly, apart from going for IPT :p.

Suicide Jumper
Today morning, I was told that a guy in his early 30s, jumped from my building (HDB flat), according to my extremely informative neighbour, he jumped after seeing his girlfriend home (who stays in the same block as me). My neighbour suggested that it was possibly due to a failure in relationship or a break-up, and so a dejected heart led him to cease his life.
Thoughts: Break-up sure isn't easy. But to end one's life, IMO, is so wrong. It cause trauma to the other party, grief to parents and friends, and shock to witnesses. Is it all worth it??? Some faiths (I will not mention, in order not to spark any religious arguments here) believe that those who committed suicide will either stay in this realm (our Earthly realm) or even Hades, but never be able to ascend to heaven.

Donuts "Belly good!"
I was on the usual crammed subway (which we call the Mass Rapid Transit) to work, when I cannot help but notice a fit dude carrying a huge box of Dunkin' Donuts. Why the attention?
Thoughts: Donuts have been a craze lately in Singapore (the one at Raffles City basement is one good example), with endless long queues which never fail to invite comments (good or bad). Dunkin' Donuts was once available in Singapore, but they left after the lack of popularity in sinful but nice, fried dough rings. nexus told me that recently, there was a JC kid who went to our neighbouring country to buy Dunkin' Donuts to sell it online in Singapore. Good entrepreneurship, but sadly, he invited endless flaming when he sold these cheap sweet treats at a ridiculously high premium price. I immediately thought of that when I saw that fit dude. I was thinking, if I should walk up to him and tell him,
"Dude, the Dunkin' donuts are a rare find here. I'm envious!"
"You sure bet! They are premium grade stuff that only the right contacts can get you!"
* thought: "oh really!"*
"Yeah, I am certain that they are good, they sure are making its way down to your belly!"
*fit dude looks down at his obvious belly in shame"


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