Monday, June 04, 2007

Of Tin Toys & Plastic Dolls

I was privileged to

be invited by Shaun Wong from and Marvin from Museum of Shanghai Toys (MoST) to do a photoshoot at the museum. During normal operating days, it is not possible to take photographs in the museum. This is for the respect of the museum and precious collections. This applies to most, if not all museums. Taking caution not to publish too much photos, and spoiling your enthusiasm to pay the museum a visit, I have choosen a few to briefly show you what you can expect. I have avoided the use of flash, so as not to risk decolourizing the vintage items, so images might appear grainy due to the high ISO used.

For S$8 (adult), the price of a western food meal, you can get yourself a ticket on a trip down memory lane. For many people of my generation, all might seem rather unfamiliar, but for our elder siblings and parents, the museum will definitely make them feel like a child again. Back in those days when kids were all running around in their shorts, having a simple toy can mean a lot to a child. Toys in those days were usually not expensive for the average family, but money was better well-spent on food and education. Children in those days were usually playing a game of marbles or building mud figurines. Being presented a toy usually meant a form of reward for the getting good grades. Hence, one toy would be a companion for many years. However, as the children grows up, their old toys get passed down to the next generation. Most people lived in small HDB flats and hardly have space to accomodate old collections. Thus, the worn ones were discarded, despite the sentimental value. Now, when we all look back, how much we wished that we had kept our old toys, even if not for the inflated value now, at least for its sentimental value.


Situated in among a row of conserved shophouses along Rowell Road, the 3-storey museum offers plenty to purchase and tons to see. The first level of the museum is the retail level, with some re-issued tin toys and vintage toys alongside modern soft toys, vinyl collectibles and gashapons (capsule toys) for sale. Do not expect fancy movie tie-ins or exotic SOC or model kits though. After purchasing a ticket from the friendly shop attendent, you will then be brought up to the second floor for a tour of the museum. In the 'old toy shop', you will find toys that only our parents or even grandparents has seen. You will find toys from around the globe and you will discover an interesting fact too! The third level is a workshop for many interesting activities (for more details, check with MoST). I will not go more into the details, but to let you explore yourself. Bring along your young children, educate them and share with them your childhood memories. You can even bring along your folks, let them relinqush their memories and make them feel like a child all over again!

"Support MoST, visit this treasure and gem of Singapore today!"
"I am sure you will be back again!"

Please spread the word and let more people learn of this place.
Thank you.

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Shaun said...

thanks so much for the beautiful pictures and taking time off your weekend to drop by the museum for a visit.