Monday, June 04, 2007

Look what I have bought! [PC Show 2007]

I visited the PC Show 2007, held at Suntec Convention Centre, on its last day yesterday. As usual the Suntec Convention Centre was packed with people. There was a bridal show, a cultural fair and a World Book Fair as well, but the majority of the crowd were at the PC Show. This time around, the PC Show only occupied one level (topmost), instead of the usual 2 levels and half, as of the last IT Show held at the same venue earlier this year.

I had intended to buy my gf an AIO (all-in-one) printer since a long time. She had wanted to get one to replace her existing HP printer. She had desired one that can scan and copy apart from just printing. I am using the Brother MFC-410CN, print-scan-copy-fax printer and since I have 'infinite' ink supply, I was looking at getting the Brother DCP-115C, which is going at a ridiculous price of S$88. I had not gone for the slightly better DCP-130 because it uses different ink cartridges. The printer comes with a free trolley ans USB 2.0 cable.

and when she thought she felt like an air-stewardess... :p

the contents include a quick start guide, an operations manual, USB 2.0 cable, 2 power cables, control panel face plate, full set of ink cartridges, driver CD-ROMs for PC and MAC.
fixing on the control panel face plate.

depressing the ink cartridge into place, releases a 'pssst' sound, due to the unique capillary ink delivery system of Brother printers.
job is done.

Just when I was searching for the Nikon booth, which I never found, I came across ACER. The booth was promoting their LCD display monitors. I had bought an ACER 17" LCD monitor for my gf during the IT show in 2006. I was quite impressed by its quailty and of course their pricing. However, we all know that the LCD prices are always dropping. With that price I paid for that 17", I could buy something more than 21" today. ACER was promoting the same 19" widescreen which caught my attention last year. The price had dropped from S$399 last year, to S$269 yesterday. Also on promotion are the 19" regular screen at S$269 and 20" at S$299. By appearance, both looked almost identical, but a closer examination, the size difference is visible. I was comparing the 19" widescreen and the 20" LCD monitors. An on-the-spot inspection of the specifications revealed that the 19" widescreen has 1440x800 pixels, while the 20" has 1400x1200 pixels. I thought I would give up the 40 horizontal pixels to give me more height. I had always tempted to get myself an LCD display to replace my second-hand CRT monitor. For years, I have been using second-hand CRT monitors which I got either cheaply or for free. I was also thinking that I could just inherit the 17" ACER from my gf, after my Compaq retires, which she is using now. Now that I am doing more photography and graphics, also for the benefit of my eyesight, I succumbed to temptation. I got myself an ACER 20" LCD display monitor for S$299. It is time to say goodbye to the dark days of bulky box monitors!

i stole the trolley that came with the Brother printer.
my god! look at the yellowing box!
opening the box reveals the basic unpacking and assembly instructions.

the contents include the base stand, instruction manual, user guide CD-ROM (not drivers included), warranty guide, 2 power cables, DVI-cable, VGA-cable and audio cable.
fixing on the monitor to the base plate just by stacking it on unti; the 'click' sound is heard.
The ACER AL2017 display comes with DVI support and built-in speakers (not used).
making sure the right extensions penetrate the right holes.

all of a sudden my world seem more spacious.
wicked, i'm on display too. trying out the new video watching sensation.
free gifts with the monitor. a USB fan which is surprisingly quite poweful, and an LCD screen cleaning kit.


Laurens said...

Fwah!!! Buy Buy Buy!!! Rich!!!

WILLIAM said...

Buy Buy Buy.. only what you need...