Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jason's @ The Warren

Yesterday, we celebrated Jason's birthday with a bbq at The Warren, made possible by his 'manager', Jane. There was plenty of food and fun, but nothing beats presenting the birthday boy with the cake and presents, following that, the alcohol.
Warning! Explicit pictures that are not suitable for children and the weak-hearted.

A cake for the birthday boy. They missed out the words "30-year old virgin"

Uncle J.O. and his lovely nephew who enjoyed every single bit of the candle blowing.


Time for the presents! An ESPRIT bag to replace his corny 'Lion's print' bag, a BBI Perfect Body 1/6-scale figurine and a birthday card.

First the card, we always have fun with the cards. J.O. gets his naughty card finally! Of course the cards sold here does not contain nudity. But we decide to complete it, with a little puzzle to solve.

Next, the BBI Perfect Body 1/6-scale female figurine, caucasian type. This highly poseable figurine can sure make endless realistics poses only limited to the imagination. Our '30-year old virgin' sure got very excited, ripping the doll out from the blister pack,

Finish up the cake, then be-fore play.

J.O. just cannot stop giggling while handling the perfect body. "I feel like a kid again!"

Not after too long, we caught J.O. doing the nasty thing! and the alcohol haven't started.

A cool ESPRIT sling bag to replace his existing one which many of us find distasteful. We are glad he like it and to have him pose a few pictures for us.

A couple of cups of vodka-cola with J.O.'s colleagues, and he started getting all happy.

and now, a secret that Melbourners have requested.
J.O. Exposed!


Laurens said...

hum sup loh spotted

Shufen said...

looks like u guys have serious fun! Happy belated birthday JO! love tat link at the bottom lol! good old memories =P

Anonymous said...

I demand to know who donated that ancient picture??? It is supposed to be classified!!!!!


*eye balls looking up*
*fingers pointing up*