Thursday, June 28, 2007

GETTER1 OVA Black Version

Even before the Revoltech No.031 GETTER1 OVA version hit the shelves, Revoltech has already given fans a glimpse of GETTER1 OVA Black version! There is still no word from Kaiyodo about whether the GETTER1 Black OVA version will be a special edition like the Ultramagnus of EVA type Mass Production with Longinus Spear.

Differences between the two versions:
GETTER1 OVA version (G1OVA) and GETTER1 OVA Black version (G1OVABk)

  • G1OVA is red and G1OVABk is black in colour.
  • The designs on the torso and limbs are distinctly different between G1OVA and G1OVABk
  • G1OVA has blades on both forearms while G1OVABk has it only on the left forearm.
  • G1OVA has two identical guncannon-blades while G1OVABk has two different short pistols.
  • G1OVABk has got gauntlet-spikes on the hands while G1OVA does not.
    G1OVABk has got a small black cloak (in a 'blown-in-the-wind' shape) around his neck

No.031 OVA ver. GETTER1
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No.??? OVA Black ver. GETTER1
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This is ranked number 1 on my 'Die-Die-Must-Buy' list!

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