Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Visiting IKEA Tampines

Whenever the terms 'Swedish' and 'Interior Design' comes together, the name IKEA comes into picture. IKEA is loved by people around the world for their unique design married with
functionality, they give 'minimalistic and simplistic' a visual image.

On this lovely sunny Monday afternoon, I decided to sneak my IXUS 40 to
steal some shots, that is something my bulky D50 cannot do. The complex is so much quieter than the Alexandra Road outlet on a weekday afternoon, allowing me sufficient freedom to frame my pictures. Although I did invited plenty of curious looks from the custom
ers, I knew I need to ignore these stares especially when the IKEA staffs were not even bothered by my actions.

Here are the pictures for you visual pleasure.

A world full of pastels.

Only time will tell. The clock is 6 hours behind time. That also mean I have to run. Run where when I got no fuel? Got myself a dog with some sweet, tangy and spicy squeeze.

I needed to be at East Coast Road by 5.30pm. I wished I had the 'iris' on-the-go, but luckily I had NEXUS.I boarded Bus No. 10 which took me to where I wanted, Roxy Square.
(Image captured at Tampines MRT)


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