Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Visit to Pulau Ubin

Last Saturday, I paid Pulau Ubin a visit, alongside Benny, for a photo shoot before the quarry blasting takes place. Our primary objective is to visit the highest point in Ubin, Bukit Puaka, which sits 74m above sea level. Nothing to shout about, but it does give a decent view, though not to breathtaking, but we did caught some fresh air apart from mozzie bites.

We chanced upon this huge spider feeding and our shutters went snapping non-stop. I knew about this spider from a friend, Chong, who once did his Diploma project studying spider silk.
Ling Zhi?
The overcast sky played tricks on us ans so did we play tricks on the sky with 2 alternate stacking graduated ND filters.
An abandoned shrimp farm left to decay.
Even the ferns started to dance to the music of the cricket. The pitch was so high that we almost lost our hearing!

Nothing related with Ubin but we had Nasi (rice) Ayam (chicken) Penyet (flat) at Changi Village food centre.


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